Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blugré Coffee Opening Malacañang Branch 2017

Kapandesal Mary invited me to the Opening of Blugré Branch in Malacañang Palace last Feb 8, 2017. It is also my 1st time to taste the Durian coffee, shakes and cakes. It taste really good and different, I remember I always bought a dollar Durian Ice cream lah each time I visit Singapore.

Also my 3rd time to visit Malacañang Palace area again. 1st was when I escorted the National Artist then with some US Military diplomats. The place is good for meeting mostly for Politicians, Travelers and Delegates who visit Malacanang Palace. Because its just a minute walking distance away from the Palace vicinity. 

You may feel the presence of power and Safety because of tight Presidential Security Group in the area. I just tried several several cakes above Durian flavor and it really taste good. It is very seldom to see this kind of specialty coffee shop - restaurant in the country. See more pictures of the coffee - restaurant guest and celebrities during its opening here

If you have a fine taste for coffee or a cake connoisseur, this place is good for you to explore. Because the coffee that they served in Durian flavor melts in my mouth. On its shelf the have souvenir items like Durian Chips, Jam, Coffee and wine like the usual coffee shops.
They also served blended drinks such as white mocha, durian artic blast, chocnut mallows, coffee jelly and ice lemon tea. Its been 2 years ago since I visit Davao for diving, jetski, trekking and extreme island adventures. And I like its Durian candies and souvenirs.

Knowing that our current President is from Davao, I think its the time for its local products to shine. Im really a fan of Durian various food creations. The ambiance of the place is spacious, quite big for meetings and interiors looks refreshing.

I've tasted its pasta and other beverage as well. And it's good to see that our Pinoy local coffee shop brand. Can compete and deliver good service easily with foreign brands like Starbucks and Seattle best. Congrats on your several branch opening. So visit Blugré Malacanang branch and taste the fruit-coffee-cake difference!

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