Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Uproar 2015 Camsur Music Tour Experience

Before heading to Camsur last month, I was thinking of one of the coolest music festival on earth. As a travel and Event enthusiast I always seek for something different. Something new or looking for the coolest event on the planet. It may be Summerfest, World cup, F1 season finale, Grammy's, Olympics, Victoria Secret Fashion Show or Oscar.  Im sure my mind and heart will go on to find ways to hit that goal. 

I witnessed local and foreign musician performs both neophyte and pros of music almost all genre lined up. In CWC CamSur concert grounds. Together with Gov Migz & LRay Villafuerte celebrities (Vianca, Vandolph, Bubbles, Mark Herras etc) entourage foreign and local guest. Now I know how it feels like how to do wakeboard watersport in morning and listen to world class artist all night. With Bicol Kaogma unique hospitality.

Had a Chance to interview and talk to Husband and Wife DJ Ramplings. The style of DJ song lined up Western and Euro performance. Good to know they like my Fav DJ Guetta and Calvin. Next is Alex Diaz the heart-rob local Pinoy version of Maroon 5 or Westlife performance. While Razorback keeps Rock Alive. Also with The Dawn Rock Icon and Local Bicolano Artist. Song performed in local dialect as inspiration of its daily life as a native happy Bicolano.

Before the Local Rock Icon performs we asked about his latest show outside country as well as movie. But what are those who keep him busy. I say Salamat and Beep Beep on Jeep buhay ng Tsuper rock salute on that. Jet even signed the fan guitar and do a lot of selfies while concert was on going. 

With mix of OPM best that will surely rock your world. Congrats to Ben Hunt the organizer behind the music festival. It was not perfect but it was remarkable and done. With the help of organizers as well as local and international artist.

I learned the local Jargon's called Weew when you made a great wakeboard performance..ex Jay Bi on back flip 360 what a move weew..And Kaogma means Happiness as what John and Monique Ong describes.  The main people behind 9th Philippine Wakeboard National. And Kaogma week festival that compose of Beauty Pageant, Contest, Sports and lots of Entertainment.

Watch out on Techmotorsport blog the sport highlight on my next blog post. On our interview with 3 time World Wakeboard Champ. As well as to feel the local food restaurant, country club like fine food of CWC, Naga Church, Que Pasa Restau and locals Bicolanas Starview Accomodation, Villas accommodation on my next post related to CamSur Travel. Together with Viggattin of Radyo Inquirer, Bloggers and Wazzup Pilipinas.

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