Monday, April 30, 2012

Aqua Swimming & Water Magical Musical Show in the Metro

Talking about wave and fairytale this summer? I had experience the Largest Aqua Swimming & Water Magical Musical Show in the Metro last week. It was a cool musical show like foreign sea shows or songs of the sea in Singapore.  Waters fireworks, props, sea characters, stories and lasers are flashing anywhere in front of close to a thousand audience. Seems like Manila Ocean Park brings foreign Seaworld, Waterworld, Disneyland and Songs of the Sea in Manila.

After the show more or less hundreds of people including me join the largest night swimming party in the metro till morning. But i left around 12 midnight, I think 4 hours of night swimming is enough. The good thing about when I was swimming cool bands, artist, singers, dancers, ramp models are performing until-late midnight. 

It was an ultimate party swim rock in the metro experience yeah! Plus an auto update on twitter and facebook technology using the wristband social media technology. Guess can enjoy free wifi access in the area. Which I can agree that Manila Ocean Park - A total tech savvy marine theme park.

Lets say you will be roaming around the area using the wristband. And you asked the photographers from the ocean park. To get picture of you then automatically it will be uploaded on you facebook or twitter wall. Its the first hi-tech theme park in the country. The e wrist tag instant download technology through mobile, Pad, PC application and digital enhancements is the gift of digitalization. That will bring a smile on you, your family and friend face. 

Photo credits to Manila Ocean Park Facebook Fanpage. Thanks to Sue Jose for a wonderful  pool party event. For details visit or call 567 7777 its just along Roxas Boulevard ,besides Quirino Grandstand at the back of US Embassy. 

Check out they also have Penguin Antarctica shows, Sharks viewing. I had my fish spa (fish eating your dead feet skin or athletes foot) here 4years ago on its opening.  The quality of food is like 5star hotel plus they have lockers and H2O hotel within the water themed park.

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