Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Travel Bucket Wish List #MyAirbnbBucketList

As years goes by my appetite for travel increases. Although i traveled in some countries of Asia, Middle East, Europe and Latin America. Witnessed the most historical place biggest world event like Tomb Raider in Ankor Wat, Temple Runs in Cambodia. How i wish i could fly into outer space. The longest travelled I've been was up in the air for 2 days. 

Worlds 7 Wonders - Christ the Redeemer, Ipanema, Copacobana, Corcovado 007 Moonraker - Favelas Fast 5, Jacky Chan in Ave of the Stars, Formula One in Yas Marina Abu Dhabi, & 7 stars emirates mansion hotels-palace in Dubai and World Cup in Maracana lately.   

I want more, but im still thinking of what to travel next. So i came up with my top 10  list. Whether its gonna be the biggest event and tourist spot. I know it will be tomorrow or just simply a sleep ahead.  Its amazing those famous Hollywood scenes you were watching yesterday. 

Was captured on your travel background.  And those greatest Racing, Olympic, Worldcup or Sporting Event. Not to mention you were just a meters away from world icon like hollywood stars, iconic businessman and world champions.    

1. UK -  Make me feel the British Blood
2. Tokyo, Japan - Drift, Motorshow and Technology
3. Marabella, Spain - Museum, Villas and Wine Trip
4. Monaco - Glitz, Casino and Yatch
5. Geneva, Switzerland - Swiss Watch Tour and Air Show
6. California, USA - Hollywood, PGA, Nascar and NBA
7. Italy - F1 Racing and Itallian Brand
8. Santorini, Greece - Views ..Relax and Enjoy the culture            
9. Berlin, Germany - Racing and Nazi Tour            
10. Argentina - Ole ola Football and Food Trip
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