Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Victoria Court 007, Thor and Batman Rooms

Social media just change the perspective of people. Carlos, Grace, Tanya and Pia told us about it last Feb 8 in Victoria Court Malate. They told us about several interesting issues about online haters or basher's and how to deal with it. Whether it personal, politics and business. It plays as a vital role also they give some advice on how to become better blogger, brand and business. Like how to improve your niche, job, hobby and outputs.

In my case I encountered some in the BPO, F1, Politics, Business and Boxing scenes. Since Im a strong fan of Floyd Mayweather. My 2 cents is that if you don't have online haters you're not good enough. Then a tour afterwards to its great rooms like the latest James Bond, Marvel and DC comics Thor and Batman.  

Couple of years ago maybe 7-8 years in a racing event somebody gives my Victoria court GC accommodation. I just threw it for the reason and having a brand perspective that its dirty or motel type that would disappoint your girl. But after that talks and 007, Thor and Batman Rooms visit it change my perspective. It made me realize that Victoria Court is a strong brand of Privacy. 

Like for instance in US it serves as a Motorist lodge bed and breakfast. And girls likes surprises.. What if you surprised them with that Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig or Chris Hemsworth charisma appeal. See my picture as Superman sa Umaga and Batman sa Gabi. Also I'm not worth it for Thor's mighty hammer. Hindi nga Kaya buhatin ni Iron Man and Captain America hindi ko rin kaya!

I think its more than just being a men, that doesn't just kiss and tell. Or more than Christian Grey of sensation experience you can bring out with your partner. Imagine that girl or your partner saw you as a superhero or action star image. That's more than just making love or exploring great hotel stay-cation.

Seeing the advantage of Victoria Court as a private place with class. Advantage edge compare to 5 star hotel or any fancy accommodation. Its 007 room have Walther PPK, Golden gun, Poker Table, bathtubs, great Ian Fleming's design decals that 007 used on its actual Hollywood movies.  

I've seen almost all of its movies that's why I really like these room in particular. It's spacious and really look like a Presidential suite movie like. But if your more of a Batman type. You can be a billionaire type with that Bat suit, motorcycle and bat computer like iron man computer workplace.

Then that Batman inspired room would suit your needs. But if you like Thor then Asgard room is the best venue for God's and Goddess like partners or family. Best thing you can do to protect the planet with that mighty hammer superpowers. Visit any Victoria Court branch to feel the different surprise excitement!

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