Saturday, November 10, 2012

Canfest in Reno, NV 2012

In Philippines San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest is Being celebrated as Filipinos drink beer. Quite different popular Beer brand in Asian counties like HK and SG which is Tiger Beer. For various occasions especially Holidays like Xmas and New Year is nearby. I almost went my shoes to Canfest in Reno, NV last week. 

But hopefully next year Constance would still invite me. Anyways, this is a big Celebration in Reno, Nevada that showcase more than 100 variety of canned beer. Mostly coming from one of the best US Beer Brand Mammoth Brewing CoAs government and my usual suggestion enjoy and drink moderately.

So if you fear no beer, then this is one of the good gig for you. Canned beer is awesome because you can bring and pump it anywhere like beach, mountain, karaoke or during band gigs. A good relaxation moments in a days work or good friends pasttime.
This year celebration support the Bike Charity called Reno Bike Project a local non-profit org. Providing more bicycles at cheaper price and cycling within the community. Live no worries see more of the event Beer highlights here.

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