Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Galapagos Islands Trip

 I want a Galapagos Islands Trip because of wonderful videos and stories I saw.  From the wildest animal kingdom of Albert Einstein or Charles Darwin’s academic theory.  Makes me wonder of the beauty of the world of unexplored.  The island makes me think of exotic beauty to explore that life has to offer.  A remarkable bucket list to enjoy.  
While I fulfill my world travel escapades with my family and friends.  I understand now Imagine how biologist/scientist/travel blogger like me are so excited to go explore unto this place. 

To see the spectacular mammals and endangered species lived.  Lots of interesting creature lives in the volcanic island of Ecuador. With over 25 000 Spanish population I can feel that this island is still a virgin.

Now I wonder what my High School and College mentor told us about great things about Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” in the theory of evolution as well as natural heart of nature selection. How animals, living organisms, plants do survive and lives.

I like to do hiking at its biggest island called “Isabela” with 5,600 feet elevation above sea level.  Aside from roaming around to its 15 main islands, 3 smaller ones, 107 rocks and islets. To see Iguana’s, swallow-tailed gulls, sea creatures, sea lions, whales, marine turtles,  red-footed and nazca boobies.  I wonder why and how it was formed 9 million to 90 million years ago?  Also to feel its temperature and how to actually fell living there.  Like the usual regular global animals and fruits like guavas, avocados goats, ducks and cows survives?

They say that this island/wildlife is endangered and needs to be protected. Due to illegal fishing activities like hammerhead shark. For both land and sea species creatures. That destroys the habitat of this world beauty.

Also I like to be part of those individuals involve in its protection by means of word of mouth and blogging advocacy. To protect this beautiful island and Darwin’s theory historys creation.

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