Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TreeTop Team Building Adventure and Subic Grand Harbour Travel

We spend our overnight accommodation at Subic Grand Harbour Hotel last weekends. Its good to eat and here over and over again. So we had Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the Hotel. Courtesy of Tree Top Adventure Subic, as we experience the new Silver Surfer. And non stop 2 day eco adventure at the treetop.

My point of view of the hotel is that its blended with Western hospitality. I can feel I'm in US territory while roaming around the place. The food taste good I like the Sisig and Pinakbet with Chicharon. They also served buffet, its more than just a hotel and restaurant. Because when you move outside you can see the beautiful Bay view.

A few minutes walk you may see a lot of water adventure like Jet-ski, Yacht, Fly-board, Jetpack, Snow-boating, Hoverboard, E-Surfboard and lots of water sporting activity. The view of the mountain and sea inside and outside the hotel looks great and relaxing. I even saw the historical monuments and memorabilia of war. And US ship on board while we roamed around the place.

The New Tree Top Silver Surfer will definitely get your adrenaline pump. Last Nov 19 together with SBMA Chairman Martin Dino and Tree Top Branding Expert Engr Grace Bondad Nicolas of Tag Media. We tried its new Silver Surfer that accommodate 4 guest. A 90 meter inclined zip ride which is up to  30 feet above the slope mountain ground. Reaching the speed of seven meters per second with sudden stop swinging motion.     

Which is similar when you ride to ocean waves. During that time I feel that I am Silver Surfer Quicksilver, Green Goblin or Superman. It Pumps my adrenaline with exhilarating flying trapeze acrobatic imagination.  We got 6 trips back and fort above the forest green hill. But I think I want more, I feel enjoyed. I'm full speed turbocharged no hands free fall tree top trekking adventure. 
During the speech of Chairman Dino, I was amazed about his plan to boost Subic Tourism. He even stated his disappointment, that Subic was not included in the tourism brochure during his recent Las Vegas Trip. He told us about the roughly $50b billion projects about Subic development, contract signing to foreign investors and hope to its Natives. See video interview here after he did the Silver Surfer ride.

There is a bonus feature from the installation of the selector used, so you can adjust the speed of your ride. Whether you want to be in your comfort zone easy mood or you want more extreme. As your appetite for adventure and speed increase I think its more fun to enjoy.

Silver Surfer and all of the Tree Top rides that we've tried. Are all safely engineered and well design. We tried the superman by 2's or 4's persons see Julius video here as well as its interactive tree fall. I was flying like superman here. 

Canopy ride by 3 persons I think we travel around 1 km per hour so I can feel the expendables and see the avatar trees and feel the relaxing forest friendly noise. See the view of Canopy ride here 60 ft above the ground. And another canopy video, that varies the vertical slope and distant from the forest hills here connected to the old trees. 

See Tree Drop from above video here it was not scary tiwala lang. Its all safe but at first you may think its dangerous and its not. We are all safe and sound as we return back home. See the drama here of Shine that takes up to 2 mins but it actually takes 2 secs on Ro's fall. 

So matapos nyo akong ilaglag 60ft sa treedrop ok lng wala ng kaba. Dry run to para sa skydiving and daredevil parachute air stunt later. Welcome to avenger jungle and avatar life. Buhay pa ako after superman, canopy n trekking at 100kgs heavy wt.

We also tried their the 12 team puzzle ideal for corporate team building activities. Each activity is very unique essential for team winning. So you really need to think hard and exert a lot of team effort to finish the goal. Whether its for business or corporate use it plays as a huge critical steps to resolve the said puzzle. Applicable as you win company's goal or business profit. 

I can called this as similar to Amazing Race, Snake and Ladder, Survivor or Sineskwela for adults. Science and outdoor nature sports combined. So you really need to think hard, sacrifice your team members and do strategy to beat time. We got challenge in marbles, ropes, lights, wights, ropes, bike, paddling and ladder.  

See Subic Bay Yacht Club 
Rizal Highway Corner Burgos St Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rizal Hwy Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic Bay (047) 499 0695

Contact Subic Grand Harbour Hotel 
Bldg 249 Waterfront Road SBFZ 
(047) 250 9888 or (047) 250 3071 0915 414 8458 

Visit Tree Top Adventure Subic Jest Area
Upper Mau, Cubi Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone 
T: +6347 252-9425 
M: +63922 576-9156 / +63915 838-9354 


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