Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Harvest Season in Australia at Sofitel Manila

What is exciting about harvest season in Australia? Aside from Webber and Riccardo f1 race sport fan. Last week I had a chance to taste various Australian Grapes, Stone-fruits like Peaches, Plums, Nectarines and Pears in Sofitel Hotel Manila Bay Area. It so good to feel the summer cool breeze on Manila harbor. After making your tummy smile the Aussie way. 

Thinking of visiting the county  sometime. Also the cocktail, dessert as well as dish made of Australian harvest with meat and veges the Aussie meal way. Most of the guest are from Australian Embassy, Australian Commodity Dealers and Press. 

Thanks Tina for invite, she told me about the quality of grapes per region. And how those farmers reject or control those area diagnosed with insects. So, if you wanna take a bite of safe and goodness of Australia. This finest quality made produce available to our leading Robinsons, Rustan's, Shopwise and S&R outlets 
Among all harvest I've tasted for me the winner is the black seedless grapes according to my taste buds. You may try its different fruits to feel the crunch and difference as a foodie. Also I asked one of the wholesaler from Cebu. What's the difference between Grapes from California, EU, Brazil and Australia? 

In which he clearly define that it varies per region per season but most importantly. Same with coffee acidity per region and climate affect great taste. I learn that Australia belongs to that top tier with advance technology to ensure quality as well as safety.  

Because Tasmanian Devil, Great Sunraysia, Riverland of North Western Victoria farm recognized as a pest free zone. With the strict regulations on Australian Gov Bio-security Dept. They ensure that no pest or decease exported to over 20 country world destination like SG, HK, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. 

John Moore and Jeffrey Scott both CEO of the grape industry working for more than 3 decades in the agriculture industry. Talks about the strategic plan and increase the varieties of Import over the past decade an increase of 40% from 30k to 80k tons to new market such Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia Philippines and Korea.

Olivia Talt - Market Dev Mngr is in charge of start up business in UK worked on strategy identifying delivery partners, relationship to run as large retail project. On other hand Chef Tim Hollads of HF catering presents wide variety of food styles. So you may take a bite to some of these fresh from the land of down under. Wine toasts!!

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