Sunday, November 22, 2015

Travelling and Exploring Mimaropa Festival

Last week we traveled to Mindoro to witness its Mimaropa Festival 2015. The famous Calapan Port in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro was just less than 2 hours Boat (RORO, FastCat, Boat) away from Batangas City Pier. In which Batangas  City Port is just less than 2 hours away from Manila via Bus (Pasay City). 

Mimaropa stands for 5 provinces both Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan. Travelling from Manila going to Region 4B territory feels like your going back to the Philippines historical roots. Because of the regions rich culture, heritage and tradition. 
We witness the actual dance parade competition, trade fair, beauty pageant, dance festival, cultural performance, hiking at its mountains, mangroves bird tour, mangyan ethic groups, white water rafting (17 rapids) view, river eco walk trek, falls stone climb trek and seas bay island watch . The festival held last Nov 9-15 was also the 65th Occidental Mindoro founding anniversary. The province that will best lead and portray MiMaRoPa Region as the Destination of Choice. 

If you take a look closely to the Map. They have a future plan to linked with Malaysia and neighboring country cruise routes to boost tourism in the Region. Even plans to have a visa free agreement with neighboring country path via Mimaropa region. I find these place as a hidden paradise to explore. For world travel addicts and wander lust Mimaropa region islands was a cool destination to put in your bucket list.  
To invite those international cruise ship and travel groups to include its route to the region. To pass great tourist spot like Coron, Marinduque, Galera, El Nido and Romblon. Governor Umali together with Department of Tourism reported that the region gathers 1.2 million tourist last 2014. 

And they are planing to increase those numbers by promoting its unique tourist spots. They may be separated by seas but they are unite as a region. Like the Mt. Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. 

Which most foreign tourist consider as the most anticipated music Festival in the Asia Pacific Region. To promote the most Beautiful Bays in the World. I hope they can put this festival in the global map. Like what they to in Tomorrowland, Ultra and Coachella music festival.
At Calapan City streets, on its stadium, oval, gym and provincial capitol. We witnessed various islands provinces towns props, dance, foods, products and festival costumes. The oriental Mindoro Sandugo festival, Calapan City Kalap festival, Occidental Mindoro Arawatan festival, Marinduque Bila Bila Festival, Romblon Biniray Festival, Palawan Baragatan Festival and Puerto Princesa Balayong Festival. 

Congrats to Ms Sharla Santillan of Baragatan, Palawan  for winning the 1st MiMaRoPa festival queen competition. Also to the Palawan Dance Parade Group for winning the regional dance festival dance competition. It was a great effort and performance I think all of them are winners. 

Because all of those dance group, choreographer, talent directors and beauty queens performed well. The props were unique with lots of traditional folk dance festival performance surprises. And were judged by the country's top designers and world beauty queen makers.  

We stayed and dine at Anahaw resort. Tried some exotic delicacies local food like Suman, Coco Jam, Banana Chips, Seafoods locally cooked in different way and crispy dinuguan. Also do some interview with Wazzup Pilipinas and John. Also talked to the Local Mangyan tribe leader named Bonifacio. Who served as our Coconut Pilot, Buko Chef and Kayak Captain talent tour guide.   

Also we even ride the business class section on our trip going home trip via Fastcat. The country's first solar hydro power manual automatic engine power boat. Another way to way to enjoy more of life luxe travel escapades. Will post videos later and more blog post later.  

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