Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Australian Day 2017 @ Skippys Bar Perfect for Sports, Food and Travel Enthusiast

I love travelling packed with sporting main event. I've been to the greatest world cup,MotoGP and f1 season finale the best motoring and ball event in the planet. Getting addicted to main sporting events like Australian Open and Superbowl. I dont know, it's just like me..Good thing the I saw again Roger Federer wins, Nadal and Serena back in action again smashing 23rd or dozens of grand-slam victory.

Thanks to Wazzup Pilipinas for invite, Its good to see people that invites you sometime that really understand the events that you like. As I go roamed inside I like the signed Jerseys of various sports hall sports of fame's. I even played billiard inside while the live band plays. And saw cool Aussie people dancing on top of bar. Showing that life is really good and enjoy life the Skippys Aussie way.

As an F1 and Superbowl fan I like to see Patriots secure the superbowl victory. Also see f1 opening in Melbourne this year as a Marshall since I didn't come last year. The Filipino Rambler talks a lot about Ms Universe during Aussie Day! While we're getting drunk as Giant Aussie Cocktails, Magners, Hoegarden, Bundaberg and lots of Aussie fine drinks were served.

So I said to waiter can I order Kangaroo? The Manager and Owner told us that they served it before. I said wow a taste of Jumping and Boxing Australia! Also what I like about Australia aside from sports is their wineries tour. As the served the Sisig, Wings, Pata, Beef and Australian Meats. They served local Filipino food because Aussie likes Pinoy food as well. They say maybe 50% of their customers were Australian and the rest are others or Pinoys. 
So we've got to hold on to what we've got!  It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not We've got each other and that's a lot for love We'll give it a shot...Woah, we're half way there Woah, livin' on a prayer....I really like to See Bon Jovi Livin on a prayer soundtrack while I cheer in Patriots

Its the best venue for foodies and sports enthusiast because of Big Screens. I've tried several sports bars but for a demanding technical speed visuals sounds and color like f1. I would highly recommend this place the ambiance food were perfect.

If you wish to see your fav sports or any of your favorite channel on big screens. They got it all, So international channel access means more freedom and fun to your international love. And it doesn't matter if its music, sports or shows fantasy zones.

PS: Let me quote the tennis beauty inside Champs heart. Ang Lupet ng Sagot ni Serena Williams pang Ms Universe.. Sister Be beautiful, I have to earn it.. 23rd grand slam its not given.. what would be like to win, no but.. What would I need to do to earn it? Naks Mentality Ganda and Sexy points ma Nigga! #AusOpen #BeGrand#65thMissUniverse
Im looking forward to see the next Boxing and f1 action every other week and month this year. It's good to explore great hidden restaurants that will suite your taste. Aussie Pizza, Desserts and many food you can order in menu. As well as free fast wifi connection. 

So you can view technical stats on your multiple viewing device such ipad, app timing chips on smartphones fantasy special ballgames, race or fight apps. If you go beyond viewing timing chip fantasy for die hard sports fans. As they will deliver your crave beyond that replay, TV cable broadcast, via internet and social media interaction while the event or main sporting championship happens. 

It is that amazing? So long  visit  Skippys Bar and Grill in BGC, Unit 1-8 The Forum, Federacion Drive, Taguig City Philippines. Call 028660578 or visit the site skippys-bar.com

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