Friday, April 27, 2012

I like to Stay @ Shiado Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal

I like to visit this Shiado Hostel located in Lisbon which is the largest City of Portugal. A truly heart of Europe with rich culture and star spots. With popular attraction like the Majestic Monasteries and Gothic Cathedrals.

In this nice place to stay, while I roam and eat around. I like to appreciate its individually decorated rooms. Which have a shared kitchen, washing machine and WiFi. They have buffet breakfast  that you can Internet or do computer works. At the lobby and read books in the living room.  

While seeing the Artistic hand painted walls, wooden floors and colorful duvets. Just 10 minutes walk from Lisbon Cathedral which is the oldest church in the city. Also 3mins walk to Baixa-Chiado metro station which offers easy access to the heart of Lisbon.

 I like to taste "Arroz the Cabidela"  a unique strange food with chicken and its blood cooked on it that will serve also as a main dish-soup good if your a cockfight or chicken enthusiast. Also its "Caracois" meaning snails in the country, available in its cafe or restaurant. 

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