Sunday, July 29, 2012

More than 12 Reasons Why I like to go to Japan

Thinking in a free world with lots of possibilities, reminds me of one in a million song. A chance of a lifetime that keep us excited. To do or visit such things as a living human. An exciting wonderful world to explore. So here's my itinerary, more than 12 Reasons Why I like to go to Japan.

Family Influence - My Uncle and sister lives in Okinawa US NAVY Asia Pacific Base for 5 years before moving to the US. They shared great lifestyle and picture of  beautiful Japan. While serving the US Navy for Asia Pacific region. My uncle show us a video how nice they are visiting cool places in Japan. 

Playing with animals and pet at home. Before my sisters adoption from Philippines was approved by US embassy so they choose Japan. They told us the good culture of Japan, places like (Okinawa, Tokyo, Nagoya & Narita), language and food. 

(1)Japan Motors - I like cars and love the movie Tokyo drift. No doubt that Im a Filipino speaking Japanese I meet Japanese people I told them I speak their language. (2)Hopefully I can interview the Drift King or Japanese race champion if not the emperor. 

Even at work when I encounter Japanese clients.  I mentioned Toyota, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda etc as a rapport. Then boisterous laughter. 

So, I love to speak and learn their language. Hope fully I can visit the famous Japan Grand Prix race track. As well the drift place i can post in my techmotorsports blog. (3)Japanese Food - I love going to Japanese restaurants and blog about it. Love the sushi, oriental type of food. Name it tonkatsu, ramen and lot of yummy Japanese oriental type. 

(4) I think their chef's are really creative on what they are doing. Also meticulous in food preparation to serve a fine dining experience. They got a complete nutrition from A to Zinc. No doubt most of Japanese people reached the age more than a century. Also like to share it to my readers on my travel blog. 

(5) Robotics Technology - ASIMO the humanoid robot, I like to meet and criticize you.  I like to discover more why and how you help people at the back end. Astroboy I wonder how you save the day and make kids as well as adults give a Walt Disney smile. (6) Meet mans best friend Aibo, I wish i could bring you home as my pet.   

(7) Anime Fever - Im a Dragon Ball Z/Voltes 5 fanatic way back Grade and High School. Son Goku and my high school friend used to memorize your theme song. So lets sing..Tatoe arashi ga hukou tomo. Tatoe oonami areru tomo... Voltes V Volt In! 

(8) Japan Technology - I wanna explore your province and metro using hi tech transport facility. I wanna experience your Shinkansen speed. Also to see your elevator and fully maximized parking lot on matchbox.

(9) I remember when i used to buy bicycle parts. Even household i used to say any Japanese made products? Because it last and has a good qualities.

Love to see also (10) Japan's tourist spots (007  or Hollywood scenes), high (11) World class tech home, companies, gadgets facilities (Android, Toshiba,  Virgin Atlantic <partner>, Mizuno, Japan Tours <sponsor>, Sony), movies, culture, traditions, (12) mix martial arts sumo, samurai as well as armed forces facilities. And a lot more of interesting stories to share to my personal-business and travel-food -movie niche blogs.

I wanna learn more the (how and why) these small country became iconic in global arena. To almost all of the industry or field. Japan treasures, please let me experience  your iconic culture, great values and amazing technology. So  I hope Japan Tours and Virgin Atlantic would grant my wishes.


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