Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Save Apes, A Great Happiness all way to Paris

Way back grade school years I used to watch Congo movie. A remarkable childhood movie during my era more than a decade ago. So the main question is how can we save great apes? I learned from that Congo blockbuster movie lessons in environment life. That if you take care the animals namely apes or monkeys. They will help you as well based on the blockbuster movie I've watched. Even in King Kong, Planet of the Apes & Tarzan movies.  

Also during my travel in Subic and local Zoo in the Philippines. I saw friendly monkeys that they doesn't hurt me at all. When dogs became man;s best friends. You may consider monkeys and apes as well. A man's best happy buddy. Why? Dog protects owner, while monkeys and apes makes you smile that produce boisterous laughter together with our family and friends even strangers. Is that an amazing creature?  But what makes my life more bullier and funnier which is really good for the heart.
I deal and speak with them in a funny nice way. While we stay young at heart, we have laughter then we imitate the monkey comedy body language, facial expressions, sounds to do business with them. So we tend to forgot our worries and problems. Thanks for that laughter moments and childhood memories. As we always said laughter is the best medicine. Very nice read blogger GK and Chris for this wonderful stories. I hope my heart will go to Paris with Great Apes as well.

This endangered species plays significant role in our ecosystem. Even the origin of humankind as far as science is concern. If your fun of watching Tarzan I'm sure you will love these creatures. So when technology evolves I hope that conservation expert would protects their habitats. Like the Congo Country and Galapagos Island in Ecuador. I hope to win this all expense trip in form of blog contest to save "Great Apes & Technology" at Paris by UN 2nd GRASP Council this coming November 2012. So Save Apes, A Great Happiness all way to Paris.

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