Sunday, April 15, 2012

007 Skyfall 2012

I'm excited to see this 007 new film. Ever since I love to watch all classic Brosnan, Connery and Dalton editions. The reason behind is the technology, adrenaline, fast cars, non stop action and men thing that portrays in every bond film. Daniel Craig is kinda new for me compared to Bond Veteran Pierce Brosnan. But I hope Craig will excite the whole world and never disappoint 007 fans. With its unique ways to do its stunts, punchline and action scenes.

Until I saw the entire movie I would vote for Brosnan as my all time favorite Commander Bond 007, how about yours? Die another is my soundtrack. How about you? How about the usual drinks still Vodka Martini Shaken? I've heard its not anymore instead beer. See fans like me effort imagination video trailer here.

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