Saturday, August 25, 2012

I like a 12 Day European Trip with Nomadic Matt

The reason why I like to win this 12 Day European Trip with Nomadic Matt. Is because of a lot of interesting places in Europe like Budapest (Jason Statham, bald like me - Where my favorite movie transporter is shoot), Prague, Hostels, Vienna (great old magical ancient buildings as well as historical places like the amazing Belvedere Palace and St Peter Cathedral) then travel pass to various countries and borders in European countries using Eurail Pass.

And of course the useful informative topics on Nomadic Matt's blog. Like the cost effective, alternate routes, flexible travel time, budget travel itinerary, cool hostel world hotels group discount, backpacker techniques, booking a flight, vacation and many actual exciting experience shared back home. As well as speak a few stupendous language about the country I visited back home.   

I love travelling and put a lot of tattoo on my passport. But also to share to family and friends about my tattoo embassy collection. As an excitement to renew my passport ahead of expiry date because their a lot of stamp on it. And i couldn't wait to use the last page anymore.Try to live for days or even weeks to experience different cultures, foods, tradition as well as lifestyle. I used to travel not to escape life but travel to live life to the fullest. And enjoy the beautiful country of God.

Having the heart of adventure, I can endure whole day of walking and trekking. Just to explore the beauty of the unexplored world. Not only that, but to share that stories on my forever various trio blogs afterwards. You may call me funny backpacker guy that enjoys the treasure where life has to offer. Crossing my fingers now Matt, I like to explore lots of travel adventure escapades you just told.

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