Friday, April 27, 2018

What Russia World Cup 2018 can offer its Visitors

Fell short last 2010 Fifa South Africa and last years Barcelona travel sport booth camp.  My last 2014 World Cup Travel in Rio was kinda exciting to remember for a lifetime. The tensions were tough and different Brazilian Police,  Armed forces and Tank are everywhere. Just to secure the safety of fans. I remember the scream on top of fans lungs then the tears in their eyes when its country loss the game.

It was glorious, loud, brutal and real. Those were the days that me and my team were warned not to wear football fans jersey shirt. Just to play safe and avoid trouble or collision with those die hard fifa world cup fans. I saw tatt's, country and flags of every nation. Its not just a regular tour, Its simply one of the best tour in the planet why?

Because you would see Kobe sitting on the next bench, and the titanic heart-rub Leonardo brought his Victoria Secrets models and lovely Hollywood ladies like on a Yacht. To watch those golden legs play for their country as well as to do boating across the best beach in Rio coastline. So Enough with Rio, Lets go Russia with Love this time.

As a Putin, Bond, MI and Johnny English fan. It reminds of  Russian action setting Hollywood setting after watching those action films. I wanna see the action in the historical Imperial Russia and Saint Peters-burg Stadium then travel to its Capital the Kremlin and see those Armoury. Back and fort to see those events sport action in Luzhniki and Spartak Stadium in Moscow.

I want to do a selfie to its historic core and enjoy the onion shape dome colorful famous St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow So you''ll be ready from 14 June 2018 to 15 July 2018. See the action between 8 Groups from A to H. Finals will be on Sunday 15 July Moscow 18:00 local time at Luzhniki Stadium Moscow

A. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay 
B. Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran 
C. France, Australia, Peru and Denmark 
D. Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria 

E. Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia 
F. Germany, Mexico, Sweden and Korea Republic 
G. Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England 
H. Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan  

You can support your countries by waiving your flag, during the whole month Fifa Championship. To the ff host cities Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Ekaterinburg, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan and Kaliningrad. 3 Chelsea superstar will represent their country in the said event. You may see the other Pro player and future superstars bring honor to its various countries. 

If you can't be Ronaldo, Neymar or Messi in real life. You can use the odds to your advantage  if you knew the moves of your country with the help of pro football superstar. Available to choose from example 9/2 (Germany) or 5/1 (Brazil) so you can be the Fifa football manager by yourself. And make your Fifa country team profitable.

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