Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Explore Authentic Pinoy Cuisine in the Metro @ Grilla SM MOA de Bay

Eating in Palayok with stone is something unique kinda of experience i've tried. I've seen people explore different kind of food some are exotics like frogs, snakes, worms and spiders. In NY and EU which kinda expensive and different foodie thing. But last week in Grilla MOA de Bay I Explore something different. I can feel the Authentic Pinoy Cuisine in the Metro @ Grilla SM MOA de Bay.

Makes me realize that I dont need to go to Philippines 71 provinces just to taste its menu. And how it was really prepared and cooked like. Grilla offers everything that Pinoy tongue would love. When I tastes its various menu Seafood, Family feast, Rumble 1 and Rumble 2. I think I was traveled recently in Bagiou, Bicol, Negros, Davao, Tarlac, Iloilo, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Bulacan. And feel those native food in my tongue through Grilla. 
Grill a palayok - they said that the stone were used to make and stay it hot clay pot serving. Mix of mussels, sliced beef like beef gyudon, clamps, pork lemon grass broth, shrimp, maya maya fillet at a perfect condiments of sinamak, grilled eggplant, nilasing na mangga and soy vinegar. It may sound that your camping sa tabing ilog.

I wonder if the stone can expand like bread to extract its vitamins when cooked into high temperature. And makes you strong when you sip the sabaw of Flintstones in beef and seafood flava. Those hot stones were kinda unique and appeal as it compliments to it soup taste and hot feeling.
Beef Kansi is perfect for soup lovers reminds me of Bulalo and Sinigang cooked in fiesta in various provinces. So feel at your hometown while your in the busy metro. A famous dish of Negros, beef and bone marrow with kamias. You can feel the cool sea breeze of MAO de bay outside as you higop the sabaw.

Grilla celebrates its 19 years this 2017 featured various exciting dishes all over the archipelago. Such as Sisig, Suam na Halaan sa Miso, Grilled tuna belly, seafood sisig, tanigue with teriyake sauce, grilled rilyenong pusit, hipon at bangus sa bayabas, seafood gising gising at mussels in oyster sauce. As you feel the Filipino unique hospitality. 

Enjoy my plate with Grilla feast boneless bangus with kangkong, Tinola sa gata, bbq, kare kare, lechon, inihaws, fish platters, pista sa nayon and ultimate BBQ platter. I think I just traveled the whole country. The interiors looks refreshing. You may also enjoy its Pinakbet, sigarilyas sa gata, vege karekare, fried okoy, sauted kangkong and ginataang monggo. 

They also have beers such cerveza negra, super dry, smb, red horse and pilsen. And for the dessert we tried the leche plan, ube, palitaw sa gata, mango ice cream pie, fruit crepes and halohalo spring rolls. Visit the unique Filipino restaurant along MOA de Bay in Pasay! A good place for expats traveller's to explore and mostly balik bayans!

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