Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sarangani Bay in Winter Wonderland

If you've see my previous blog post about Sarangani bay's crazy visayan bangus. You would amaze if you see the continuation of its adventure. But right now let's talk about the Sarangani Bay's Winter Wonderland. Its processing plant produce 11k tons of ice every year. 

To preserve the freshness of bangus harvested in Sarangani's Bay farm. Because once the captured Bangus gone out of water. It increases its bacteria decomposition. So they are submerged to 30 metric tons of ice to made it fresh every single day. Even when transported by truck full of ice from ponds.

All this Bangus will undergo now de-boning by the bone collector until finished and vacuumed sealed. And freeze into 18degress to lock its freshness. So if your looking for Winter Wonderland. Then look for Sarangani Bay Isda Place in your nearest supermarket.

Year 2011, 850 million fry was sold by Sarangani Bay's largest commercial bangus hatchery.  They supply more than 50% of bangus to anywhere in the country. Fishkill only happens when dissolved oxygen in the pond is not enough to support the fish population in the pond will eventually lead to “suffocation.” Find out why here?

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