Saturday, August 18, 2012

Outsourcing with Global Sources China, Win Trip to HK or SA

I've been to Chinese country several times. To name HongKong 3times and Macau, China twice. And I like the trading culture of these people. I also  found out that Outsourcing Quality Manufacturers with Global Sources  made easy by reading the reviews online. About finding A Good Factory in China

Whoever businessmen in the world doesn't want to be screwed up by anybody else. We deserve best deals for our hard earned money right? And the hard-work we invest in our business. So I found the review on finding a good factory in China effective, practical and fair. Quality wars blog revealed on how to check references and credible traders. A very good practical and reliable suggestions.

So the lesson i learned are; In order to get the genuine reference do ask by call not by email. So you don't look back if they can't provide genuine references on call. Meaning you can measure the way they answer your questions promptly if they are the right people. So the third party supplier verification is an insurance policy as well. 

You need to always to request for documentation for quality control and lab test. So beware or different names and western union scam. A reliable trader are familiar with request and usual biz documentation. Always check the quality of goods. Always document, check and balance to ensure good quality.

Doing business in US and Canadian market selling online advertising and goods. For more than 7 years while Im in Philippines is very crucial. In order for you to trust this kind of various businesses you need to always check. Check the addresses on valid federal government or business info and contacts POC like USPS, Bank Credit Ratings, BBB, references, associations, blogs, review, ratings and a lot more. 

Just to make sure this people are not wasting my time and money. Background check and clients check to ensure good quality. Like what quality wars blog revealed so i can say he is like the symbol of justice and policeman. So visit for more info. Now if you like to win a trip to Hong Kong or Johannesburg, South Africa see and join this blog contest link.

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