Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lubao, Pampanga Hot Air Balloon Ride

The last time I remember I was reading Travel Magazine sent by New Mexico. Which features Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Then I figured out how can I ride that way. So last month I ended up flying with Dutch Heli Pilot Benoit in Lubao

I like airshow dreaming of making to those great world event like Red Bull Air Racing. Anything that involves speed and flying excites my nerve. I feel quite afraid the 1st time I rode Ice Cream Balloon #5 from Netherlands. No seat-belt with long distance specialist. 

But during that moment we do precision landing on rice-fields. And give those lucky farmer kids a joyride. We were up in the air by 800 meters and the feeling of floating is quite good and addicting. Mix emotions of joy as lucky strike to make me fly in different ways. Salute to creative Balloon Event Director Steve Kim. For a great balloon take off sequence style up in the air. 
See Ross of Wazzup Pilipinas who rode the Balloon from Spain take off. And on the spot live viral coverage passion video reporting. Prior to take off also we got a chance to interview Lubao Mayor Mylyn Pineda Cayabyab and various balloonist from UK, Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, USA and Japan.

More of technical thing when it comes to balloon flying. As you may see its quite easy but a lot of safety considerations before flying. Also they mention on the video's about their passion in flying and various international balloon event from around the globe. As we are proud Pinoy's that we put Lubao in the exciting global balloon event map.
I can see that the Mayor is hands on in handling the international event. Me and Ross bike and roam around the place via golf cart. Not that its a good venue for Balloon but its also great place for waterboarding and team-building. Special thanks the organizers, froehlich tour bus, Hacienda Gracia hotel and resorts. 

The said event were attended by famous celebrities and musicians like Sarah Geronimo, True Faith, Bamboo and Ely Buendia. It feels romantic when I heard proposal happened on other balloon up in the air. One of the most romantic moment of our life. The fireball coming from balloon during night exhibition. Were dancing on tone of music. It feels like Im in the loveliest and greatest musical show on earth. 

Hot air balloon chase car crews were snappy and on what there doing. As they fold the balloon and do quick fix on landing point. As they ready to bring the balloon again via off road 4x4 pick up truck at the departure for next ride. Im on a great Kapampangan team under the Balloon command. Of Royal dutch expert heli pilot with more than 3500 balloon flying hours up in the air.   

Too much action up in the air..too much travel adventure...See you next flight! 

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