Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kapandesal Multipurpose Cooperative Initiatives Blessing and Grand Opening 2017

Last week at Serye Retaurant in Quezon City Circle. The time that I encounter the business called cooperatives. I have a little knowledge about this kind of business industry. But when Mel Tadeo and Mary Ann Gonzales its founders discussed its company profile and background. I just seen that its beneficial for everyone. 

They have lot of business ventures from farm, restaurant, logistics, retail, construction and different kind of business industry that each members were responsible of. They even offer us cooperative for online media bloggers and traditional media like our fellow radio, newspapers and print broadcasters.

They will open its branches in Malacanang on Feb 8, 2017 and BGC Taguig City in February 15, 2017. Also the opening of cooperative like Blugre Cafe which originated from Davao. Mel its visionary told us about her background and how big cooperative industry was. She even state that the do help the rebels market its products like the Mango Steen from Mindanao farms.  

The good thing about this cooperatives is that you can start the initiatives for as low as 1000 peso per member. I mean you control the business and have the chance to network with its thousands of members. Mel also told us that they discover billion peso worth of coop in BGC. I see that they were really serious business group gathers together and help each other. As they backed up each other when it comes to products and services.
In some of companies I work with their small type of cooperatives .That lend money to each member in terms of calamity, emergency or personal needs  that protect employees interest. At 1k per share Kapandesal Coop entitle you the be the co owner of all cooperative business. It also enables member to see dividends or earning each year. 

They also offer regular savings with 1500 minimum that earns 3% interest per annum and withdraw-able anytime. And time deposit that lt's your money grow with in the span of 90 days to 2 years with best interest rates. So you have a lot of options plus they train you to network and support each other to make you business grow.
Aside from investments they also have insurance. For as low as 250 peso annually you will get 50k accidental death and various natural sickness medial benefits. They have business clubs with 50k share capital you can promote or control various Kapandesal Coop Businesses.

And the diamond club in which member has at least 1m investment. So wether your an employee, business services, farmer or in any type of industry you are welcome to join the group. Visit and its facebook fanpage for more info and coop updates.

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