Thursday, November 24, 2016

OPPO F1s Selfie Filter

Smartphone nowadays evolved, Its getting better and better. I like traveling and taking selfie to document good life. But sometimes some smartphone feature doesn't make my pic post looks great and extraordinary. The new 16mp front camera more ligth more detail. Oppo f1 phone got enhancements such as selfie panorama that enhance wide angle selfie. 

Also have 7 sets of filter such as Cafe, Bright, Candy, Shines, Soft, Fade and Mono feature.Which I need to test and make on my 7 picture below. To make it more beautiful and memorable for life. I think the previous picture I took before can be enhanced further. 

Like a simple smartphone photo output to became a magazine front cover or a social media viral. In cooperation with OPPO F1s Selfie Filter! Yay!

So It made me realize that simple classy handy smart phone from my pocket. Can be as powerful as bulky professional DLSR camera and computer software programs all in one. Technical enhancements that can easily be tapped, uploaded to net and edited in seconds using quick fingertips. Among all filters Bright is my favorite together with panorama enhancement. 

Perfect combination as it please my eyes and widened my imagination beyond photos. But here's the complication of travel photos that I like to use with Oppo F1 7 filters. I like to do more selfie's. As I complete my world tour and main championship event sports bucket list.
 Cafe - Xmen - Cyclops view Inside and On top of Worlds Tallest Twin Tower in KL
 Bright - On Top View of Hot Air Balloon Rides, Flying together with other Colorful Attractive designed Dozens
 Candy - For my Sweet Ferraris inside the Motorsport Historical Car Museum 
 Shine - For my Copa Cobana Ipanema Beach Hoping Happy Go Lucky Bachelors Lifestyle
 Soft - As world wonder creation enjoy like Burj to feel the Lux, Glitz and Glamour of Life
Fade - For religious 7 world wonder like Christ the Redeemer in Rio, So I asked for forgiveness.

I hope to have this next set of ambitious travel pics. Will be made together with Oppo f1 latest cool handy buddy. OPPO F1s is now available in limited edition space gray.

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