Monday, August 11, 2014

Coffee Creations

You can make a lot of food menu from beef, cookie, bread, chocolates, cakes, ice cream and drinks with the use of coffee bean. Served by various restaurant and coffee shops of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. 

Super-like the Krazy Garlic Affogato Trifle, Bo's Cafe Cheesecake & Latte Art, Cafe Maxims Coffee Choco Macapuno Bread, Johnny Chow Coffee Pork Spareribs with Tapioca, Crisostomo Madrid, Mr Kurosawa Coffee Jelly, Remington Mocha Poundcake and Red Crab Barako Cheesecake we tasted. Everything with coffee? This is addicting..Kopi buffet cafe haven...So Kape pa?  

Aside from seeing how the coffee was roasted live. The roasted bean smell attacks my nerve and excites my lungs. Watch out for the making of ridiculous and delicious coffee. I learn also the coffee demographics and history from around the world. 
Brazil, where I visited last month world cup. Is the number 1 coffee producer 15.2% roughly 2.6 million tons world market share. Followed by Indonesia, Colombia and Ethiopia. And it takes 1.7 billion of coffee serving consumed everyday. So, I the secret I may say of a job well done. Is only a substantial amount of coffee. 

Also it takes 40 hands before you drink a cup of coffee. From farm to Barista, so imagine that. Coffee lovers have various taste for specialty coffee. They treat the coffee as menu or food deli. With different levels of acid which makes the brewed coffee so special. 

But the taste level of caffeine, acidity varies from various harvest and season. It also varies from various countries source, climate as well as time it was roasted. Like coffee from Ivory Coast may taste different from coffee from Honduras.

Some restaurants in Europe have lots of menu of coffee. Means that coffee variants is the primary menu. Watch out for Barista Championship this October 2014 at The winner will represent the country in April 2015 finals in Seattle, USA.    

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