Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hongkong Exotic Foods and Hotels

I visited Hong Kong the 4th time around. Thanks to my sponsors mostly from the contest I won with. Travel is Quite addicting that goes to your nerves. Mostly as a blogger i would cover world exciting events as a hobby and sometimes and do blogpost as a pro. But as a winner it feels totally different to be the event highlight, then blog after. 

You remember Disneyland, Benz Chauffeur transfers from Airport champagne/wine will pop up and carpet red will roll down. 1st class in a first world country memory, enjoy while it last as you return to usual routine in native soil. That sometime you had the urge to fly again and again, go to far places and explore exotic food in North America, Europe and Middle East. 

Then have your passport tattooed  over and over again as you played in your mind world domination. As part of my adventure bucket list and challenges. And not always bed of Roces or happily ever after. Hoping you would not be late in Airport,  slept at departure, $300 unwanted photo, people cant speak/understand English very well nor flight cancelled/rescheduled the worst travelers experience.

Peking or Roasted with the Usual Rice, Soy Sauce and Green Cost around 40-50 HK$ all across hongkong. Each time i visit HK, I used to ordered this semi-Pinoy food adobo or pechay meal like. If you got the Budget and best Hotel experience you can Stay at Marco Polo where I stayed twice. Then you may choose promos from Ramada or Rosedale Hotel both in Kowloon. 

Near Avenue of the Stars and Space Museum. Hopefully on my 5th attempt to enter the Dragon, my Regal Airport Hotel from Business Traveler UK wont expire till 2015. To break my lined up schedule motto "Travel only when you are Busy". So that I can feel the courage of Jacky Chan's and Bruce Lee's hometown grassroots.
$84 meal with soup#5 with uncut chicken Adidas feet. Wonder if Im going to bid 50% or lower than the price the Mongkok street market. Ridiculous menu if Pinoys got soup#5 which is Horse organ. This is terrific mix of their meat i don't know it keep me sweat inside air-conditioned restau. 
Frogs in the Market and Restaurant. I like to taste this like the way they eat spiders in NYC exotic restaurants. I've tried Worms before at Kamayan and it taste good. Here Im thinking twice are they really taste good? I can't just imagine they eat flies and mosquitoes. But when i saw a lot of people buying and serving it in the cities finest restau i had an urge to try. Served with Tsing Tao Beer. Then, Follow China.. So shall we? 
Rosedale daily breakfast buffet, aside from exploring its traditional HK hollywood boat, countries gadgets, business nor city fashion. Delicious can't wait my gastrobudwieser eye-catching Chefs finest creations
 My Vegetarian Plate
City Skyline a nice view of Cities Nightlife  Its good to watch sports channel here. Much more party people coming here like the usual Orange Zouk, Monaco Glitz or Republiq. Like to see DJ Earthworm or Daniel do the Remix Sound Mash Up or Trans here.  

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