Monday, September 30, 2013

Octoberfest 2013 Beerfest @ Megaworld Eastwood & Venice Piazza Mall

Tomorrow is gonna be the much awaited Beer Party Celebration, Beer lovers around the world celebrate this. Its been last year when I was Talking about Canfest in Reno, NV. As well as work plan with Khoa & friends with a few rounds of beer. Octoberfest 2013 Beerfest @ Megaworld Eastwood & Venice Piazza Mall is a good choice for wide variety of beers around the world. 

I tried to taste various ones from Netherlands, US, Germany and Local Brewed. And tasting more than dozen of the those form various booth in Eastwood and Publiko. Where more than 150 varieties of beer were served. I can say that the winner is the vanilla from Roe Bourbon according to my taste buds. How about yours? 

Aside from Rico Blanco and Urdban Dub performs in Eastwood you can also enjoy on Oct 18 & 19 the Stand up Comedy from Cartel. Now if your a rocker probably Kenyo and The Dawn will make your days.

Take note of Oct 26 7pm onwards at Venice Piazza where Pulso, Ringmaster & Up Dharma Down will perform. While the kickoff party in Eastwood begins Sept 27. All Thursdays of October will be entertained in Easwood by various artist such Never the Strangers, Taken by Cars, Tricia Garcia to give us a rocking great time.

As Glen Arvin Reyes introduced me in the World of Megaworld. From restaurant food like King Chef, Resorts Worlds Manila Gourmet Masterpieces. I knew a lot from Beer 101. Such Beer Bottle collectors are called Labeorphilist. US Portland, Oregon has a nickname of Beervana. Beer got a lot of Vitamin B Complex, while the world oldest recipe is beer. Not to mention the terms for full blooded beerholics.

US Presidents such as Washington, Jefferson & Franklin are beer lovers as US got the record of most breweries in the world.While Octoberfest began as wedding celebration of Prince Luitpold I & Princess Theresa of Bavaria in Oct 17, 1810. 

And for the Finale in Eastwood October 25 everybody is invite to groove of the beat with Live party music from Deuce Manila. Hosted by MC Pao together with DJ Ace Ramos, Ron Poe & Funky Avy. So lets give my Cheers to You yes you who read this, Michelle Madrigal, Sam Yg our funny iphone5s charger host, Kevin Tan, Chef who just came from Germany Oktoberfest, Arvin & Co.


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