Sunday, October 6, 2013

United Nations Roundtable

Oct 2, 2013 at RCBC Tower Makati City, Philippines. We interacted with United Nations country representatives to discussed several issues about food security, social media, climate change and nutrition. Country Director Praven Agrawal together with Cynthia Arce and Company thought us the importance of food security. 

As discussed things like alternative grass plantation to prevent landslide. Also teach us that food security begins at home. Several issues also discussed on recent Zamboanga or Mindanao food support in the middle of conflicts and civil war. UN ships or Planes and dropped off tons of food to the area where hungry people need most.

Praven, a WFP Officer who was previously assigned in Bolivia, Cambodia and Rome. Father of 2 kids Indian national who got his degree in Michigan and MBA in Boston discussed also family planning and deworming a child. You may see a healthy child not on its body or how big it is because its the total nutrition. Same with laws on UN promoting or distributing safe food.

Also the food policy of rich, middle and poor people. Lets say for example the salt it must be iodized according to law but it was practiced to high end mall and supermarkets. But how about to poor communities like wet market or public market even in street market?

UN also assist farmers and fisherman's on holistic development.Coordinates to make farm to market road and decreasing harvest lost on process. They give example for Rice that Pinoy farmers loses huge% of its actual harvest by unproductive farming way or processes.

Its been a while when I was talking about global issues on Employment, Youth Education, Conflicts, Travel, Water or Energy Conservation on my blogs. So lets support good advocacy such as United Nations Development Programs and fellow arms. For good cause follow on twitter @WorldWeWantPH #AskUN for you to see the World We Want.

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