Tuesday, December 25, 2012

“Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews”

See the picture above last couple of weeks at Rockwell me shoot by buddy Khoa. Got a brainstorming beer meeting about our goals and plan for next year. His TV Shows, BPO Call Centers, Blogging, Software development, Gigs, Gaming, Sports, Pinoy Job Fair, Software Development, Apprentice, Contest and a lot more. 

This is what makes the usual hot afternoon feels cool like “Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary”  As usual we were surrounded by girls of various countries and speak rising "Im just here for the meeting and the beer" haha just kidding! 
Almost 6 years pass by we can't forget this victory party of racing friends at One Esplanade. Not to mention   good things about MGM Pacman for decade boxing, F1, PGA, ESPN and AXN action sports here we go. We share SMB Pale Pilsen and Light racing victory and future hope here. 

Work, War and Racing is over so lets get this party started Schumacher, Lipmbizkit, Top Gun Anthem and Metallica soundtrack play pls.. Mr Trans DJ! So listen worldwide including Psy, Adele, Katy & Pitbull! hehe

Im not that the usual drinker way back college. But when theirs special something to celebrate mostly victory party or presscon. Then serve some! For long time good lasting memory with friends.
I first tried this Cervesa Negra at Cafe Lupe Antipolo and it taste well. Mix of malt thinking of the paella taste way nor Jordan, Usher, Hale Berry, Rihanna or Kobe black extraordinary talents. A beautiful talented black beauty. 

Super dry for disco, trans or party theme and with green bottle for non stop action sports entertainment. “Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews” Happy Holidays to all and Cheers Nuffnang!

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