Monday, September 30, 2013

Savor Filipino Cuisine @ Rockwell Ortigas, Pasig City

Last night at Savor Filipino Cuisine @ Rockwell Ortigas, Pasig City. We had a great restaurant food dating game, i mean we have this Filipino Pinoy Box Office Trivia contest. And actually since we eat at Filipino restaurant food they go all OPM as in All Filipino Movie. 

So I suggest any hollywood? So we can relate more and the answer is no from Campaigns and Grey, good thing that 1 of my blogger guy teammate watch pinoy movies together with his GF. So we won the buzzer beater on women's Filipino Movie lines. Such Hindi ka karendiria, Kailangan mu ako dahil mahal mo ako or walang himala scenes in which don't know much.

So i told him doubt that you were half? Then we all laughs! Its good to go in a restaurant sometimes playing game, i saw in a pub that theirs a lot of game to do. Even in airlines while eating. Something to try different that would make a smile on our face aside from fulfilling our gastro belly. 
 To begin the Filipino Adventure Food Start with Dessert
 The Beer Buddy or Pulutan Favorite Partner Sisig
Sa Pula sa Puti may sound like a Casino, Circus  or TV Game Show but in this Pinoy food case its an Adobo with no soy sauce. Somehow similar to tokwa at baboy with no tokwa on it. Something different for we know adobo gain a world reputation even to foreigners. But this Pinoy experimental menu taste unique and good as well.

BBQ Satay Type
 Guess What is this? They gather served menu from all over the country Luz Vi Min
Girl Kuripot, The Runner and Pehpot are doing the taste challenge game. Write minus wrong on Baboy Cadyos and some other menus. So its crucial to your taste even in oil it must be precise. So eyefooling tongue-smell exciting by the end of the food series GK won the game.

As Rockwell is in the Center of Ortigas Busy Business district next to Eastwood and Robinsons Galleria nearby place. The 1.3 hectare site in the compound you can truly mix the business and pleasure. Malls, Hospitals, Villages such White Plains, Valle Verde and Condos plus the transportation is accessible in the area.
So we hangout with the chef and founders Pinoy loving partners Racquel Estrella, Owen Gan, Mel Dumlao & Executive Chef Trina Tiaoqui-Emperial. That put together the Filipino Trick to make our Filipino Dishes something unique. 

Owen explains "Savor Filipino Cuisine is not Filipino fusion, but rather classic recipes personalized with our varied and unique experiences of how these dishes were prepared and enjoyed by each of us growing up - in the process of creating new menu traditions"
 The Maruya taste of ice cream plus fried oily banana plus Langka as a dessert
 My Illonggo Native Favorite the Cadyos and Pork, Serve it hot yummy sour-rry and tomyum like soup.
 Squid and Pork Adobo with Egg
Take a look at this Crab and Shrimp Relleno Cakes mixed in the Bed of String potatoes. Good for seafood lovers as the crispy string were crunchy. Foodie Photo credits to Myrns of Sweet Bon Appetit more event photos and Rockwell event info visit
Savor is located at level 1 at the Rockwell Business Center Tower 2. For more inquiries call 584-6642 or SMS mobile number 0917-857-8308 or email them at

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