Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Farmer First UPL Doing Things Better to Magsasaka

I like to visit farms and see various type of technology that they used to increase harvest. So I traveled to various province in the country to see and enjoy more farming farmville life, see its best practices in hybrid technology seeds. Aside from eating and enjoying movie shows culture events of various towns. 

Travel food movie blog loves to visit orchards and various wineries inside and outside the country. We may need Doctors or Lawyers once twice thrice in our life but we need farmers at least 3 times a day. That is why UPL believe on #doingthingsbetter as a responsibility for our younger generation. 

Last week UPL Philippines  explained to us the benefits of Using its protection products mostly agro chemicals such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides and fumigants. Mission of making world better place through crop protection and farmer safety @ Holiday Inn Suites Makati.

UPL 10th Largest Agrochemical Company in the world, producer of protection products. They explained that Low and highland products total crop solution that enhances farm harvest profitability. Goal to help mainly our very own mango, banana and rice producers.
I asked some of its foreign and local executives about the actual numbers regarding increase of harvest yields. On some of its farmers here in the Philippines. They told me its confidential but told me about cost savings and thousand of liters difference in other country setting using its insecticides and other pest control farm products.

So most of the big corporation here in the Philippines uses its products such as Dole, Del Monte and many more. Now, unwanted living creatures that destroys farm produce productivity such pest, animals and weeds can be controlled.
They have 28 manufacturing plants in the world to name some of those were located in US, UK, France, China, Brazil, Israel and Argentina. They also explained the scientific explanation between organic and not organic products. That there's no big difference as its chemicals were safe and approved by the agriculture safety and food regulatory board. 

As they talk about farmers safety and local problems here in the country such as anay, kuhol, suso, daga and many more para sa ating magsasaka. Also with other 124 countries as true to their promise of increase yields, prolong storage harvests and better harvest. Suitable for both commercial, big or small local farmer, See more info of UPL corporate profile guide here also its extensive portfolio here.

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