Sunday, June 19, 2016

Top Italian Wines Roadshow by Gambero Rosso

Last May 20, 2016 at the Peninsula Hotel in Makati. I was at Top Italian Wines Roadshow by Gambero Rosso and Felicitas Global. To taste various wines from Italy region also attended its wine master class. A prestigious high profile event featuring over top 60 top wineries from Italy. 

That features more than 200 top quality Italians wine heritage at its best. Most of the wine producers has its own farm situated in various parts of Italy. As they show to me the map the red and white wine coming from. 

As a newbie in the kind of event I find it amusing. As wine connoisseurs offer its lectures and taste preferences on its daily meal. Wine as its best on how it was distilled, prepared in oak barrel, year it was preserved to be distributed to various wines shops on earth.      

So, I roamed around to my favorite hotel with glass lanyard on my neck. Together with Tin and Wazzup Pilipinas the wine tour and classroom discussion helps us the familiarity of wines stories and preparation on different occasions at its best. I like the place and venue since my remarkable red racing f1 schooling last 2007 made here.

Prior to Manila event Felicitas Global already featured tour in various part of the world such as US, Brazil and S Korea. To introduce Italian wine to dealers and consumers. Coz global markets varies wine consumption per region based on its history and culture.

Also varies of prices because of taxation and exclusivity. In Thailand for 1st 5 mos they grew from 10% to 45%. Local producers expands its horizon and success, in 2014 the export records 5.1 billion in Euros for Exports. Some of its producers told me that it came from backyard family wineyard business.
Back in Amsterdam, after we watched world Cup in Rio. Fellow football fanatic Manchester Fan lets called him Doc Ma. Told me that Red is best Paired in Red Meats while White is excellent for Chicken. While we were dining at Schiphol stopover at I need to dispose my excess Euros before going home. So I grabbed some local beers, wines mixed with Netherlands local food to taste something different.

When I mentioned that to one of the exhibitor, he told me its totally different and lots of stories not just color such as components, aging, soil, grape variety, vinification, grape variety, alcohol content percentage, region and aroma. He mentioned what is best for each occasion, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its like juice of coffee to them - he said they are (culture) used to it.

In Claudio Quarta Vignaliolo booth Tin told me that one of its exhibitor looks like the Italian superstar Sophia Loren. And shows it to me over the images from her Iphone which im not familiar. I just knew The Godfather, Varano, Monza, Imola speaking of Italian. She looks pretty as she show me her passion for wine. 

Where the wines coming from such as Cantina San Paolo 22 hectares of vineyard, (700 meters above sea level) how it was distilled and where the prized Greco is grown. To name one aside from Beneventaho Falaghina, Greco di Tulfo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi. 
They have Jacanrando - Spumante Rose Extra Dry quality sparkling wine. The wine brand variety vineyard is locacted in Sanrio which is 300-350m above sea level with perfect clay and limestone soil. The grape variety is Vitis Hellenica introduced by Greeks in 6th and 7th century B.C.

Harvest in August followed by de-stemming and pnematic pressing procedure controlled by 64-88degrees F. With coral pink color with persistent bubbles. And contains 9.5% alcohol best for vegetables, fishes, pasta, fried food and omelettes.

Some of its local farmers home wine tour, class and grape picking on its farm. And I like to this kind of tour sometime aside from tasting various kind of wine. So watch our for the next Roadshow world tour  by Gambero Rosso and Felicitas Global who's based in Singapore.

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