Saturday, July 30, 2016

Paradizoo Tour 4th Farm Tourism Conference

This is my 3rd visit to Paradizoo in Tagaytag City. Seems like I like to visit the animal zoo and farm most more often. 1st was with Grace as she discussed blogging basics and travel. 2nd is with Mr Yupangco's next level vision of entertainment million lights tourism. 

As some blogger like David and Ross do nonstop singing and interviews while we're still on the van and each farm visits. Makes me realize how these folks enjoy blogging a lot. Last week's Tagaytay Tour was called the 4th Farm Tourism Conference that helps and educate farmers to explore possibility to generate income.

Mr Yupangco the owner itself told us that a 10 cents lettuce can be sold at 10 pesos in a short period of time. While milking couple of goat in backyard can earn 60k a month. Milking the cow, breeding various animals and fresh from farm vegetables. A rabbit can multiply 10 times a year and so on so forth. Also bonsai can cost as much as 1 million peso. 

Cobi the Bonsai expert told and tour us to his Bonsai projects in the country. Over 350 delegates from agriculture, investment and tourism are there when we tour around. 

I met an old BPO trainer Bang who's into farming in Cebu now. After cruising and foreign resorts jobs. Those who venture into farming change the perception of stereotyping as a lowly kind of job. The 12 hectare farm teaches the delegates and see first hand best farm practices.

We went to Residence Inn afterwards where we do Zipline, Say Hello to Tigers, Lions, Tarantulas, Birds and enjoy the Joy Rides. My Yupanco told us about his bold vision on Boat tour connecting Manila, Cavite and Batangas. I'll blog later the cruising in Manila Bay to China Town and Pasig River.

To discover the great Manila and told us about the Swiss alps cable car version in the Philippines as he connect residence inn to Taal crater dozen times longer than its current cable and zip line routes. Passing various town cities and neighboring province. 

Connecting cities and making people happy by building world class theme parks, farms, zoo across 7 thousand Philippine Islands. Visit the other farm, zoo and leisure locations in the country 

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