Friday, July 11, 2014

Farming, Animal, Adventure Trip with Zoomanity Club & Residence Inn

After an hour or two travel time from Metro Manila im in Tagaytay City Zoo Parks called Paradizzo. We were welcomed by Tanglad juice drink. Taste like iced tea mint and herbal sweat much more natural makes me feel in in a jungle zoo, bahay kubo or the old McDonald farm. As we walked to 12 hectares farm land with lots of animals breed from around the globe. 

The Tour Guides and Grace introduced us to these various animals plants and vegetables species. Not to mention the 120k greyhound breed fast running dog from England. Who catch my attention aside from various horse-race or farm breeds. They also said that the animals and plants variety here is for sale. 
From dragon fruit to honey bee farm, bee-butterfly farm and pet cemetery were just nearby's. The ponds view overlooking the vegetable gardens and cool breeze of Tagaytay makes me feel im in paradise. The herbal plants and lettuce were pick fresh i wish i could make instant vege salad or cook here. After the animal paradise and farm tour we went out to Casa Alegria for lunch. 

Relax....then we were fueled up again for Animal tour in Residence Inn just a couple of minutes away from Casa. You may get rooms or do staycation here. We were welcomed by exotic fish, tarantula, snakes, tigers, lion, monkeys, reptiles. You may touch, make fun, mingle with them or hug them if you like. 

To wrap it up we ended up on a zipline and cable car back and fort. Doing the superman seeing the tagaytay mountains, islands and taal lake-volcano. After that day adventure im back at manila for dinner. So fast easy, accessible and near to feel the jungle and farm life. Zoomanity vacation club also has a theme parks in Subic Bay, Clark - Pampanga and Bohol. 

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