Thursday, February 6, 2014

Geography Club Movie 2014

Trying to experiment to various kinds of movie, not to mention the ratings influence of critically acclaimed Hollywood or local films. While other fellow told me to try this and that. Like the friend, family and pastor endorse Narnia, 12 days of slave and war films. 

Give a greater impact for me to watch those films which contradicts to my speed, heavy muscle action genra. Since I'm new to this kind of films.  I think this Geography Club Movie 2014 would become an eye opener to those people who's keep hiding its blue blood. 

Also it helps this kind of tri gendered people to handle themselves and act naturally especially with bully of discriminating society. Mostly to religious and family oriented people. Kinda funny if you have friends or office mates who belongs to this kind of society. After all they need to live the normal life for free to pursue each happiness.

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