Saturday, February 1, 2014

Leave Healthy @ Eastwood City 2014

Eastwood for me is know as the Avenue of the Stars of the Philippines.  The home of Good Fine Food and Great Music Venue. Megaworld lifestyles mall promote this healthy form of living as part of Wellness Campaign. Fitness buff and health conscious folks will definitely enjoy this kind of activities. 

The healthy launch this year was opened by Nadine Tengco a certified healthy buff expert. She told us that we need to eat every 4 hours and skipping meal of breakfast doesn't helps you. And diet or losing weight and the wrong connotations of diet to most people. Just eat and exercise right. 

Celebrity like Dance Expert Regine Tolentino and Body Models like Solenn and Troy were present showed us some tips of healthy lifestyle. Of course exercise daily no matter how busy the schedule is their number 1 advice. Aside from eating those healthy foods, supplements and vitamins on pictures below.

Fitness buff can enjoy free workout sessions by Fitness First & curves like Zumba, Body Jam, Yoga, Body Combat, Retro and Hip Hop. Among the healthy foods and supplements I tasted are from Detoxify Bar, GNC, Cyma, Agave,Mr Bean, Health Express, Pho Hoa and lots of Eastwood mall restaurants. Visit for more info.

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