Sunday, March 23, 2014

Travel to See How Big and Small You Are

When I travel around on some parts of the country. I can say that I so blessed and lucky to experience those things that money can't buy. To see and experience those culture, lifestyle that are totally different. From various towns, cities and provinces of the Philippines. 

In quest to see the world how big or small. Then Travel to See How Big and Small You Are. I hang out with Aetas in Zambales  during our Charity tour last month. And 9 provinces charity tour past 5 years. I feel how big I am when we saw its simple lifestyle. Culture were totally different form were exotic. 

Couple of years ago I went in Taal Lake, Batangas (i swim like a fish inside hot boiling crater <as long as i can resist the sauna sulfuric miami heat> inside volcano crater) sleeping in a tent in the middle of lake, but it feels good to be an army sometime. 

I've tried 7 star accommodation abroad but this was a cool boy scout experience. It have a great kulimlim sound at night birds - rooster in the morning and starlight with fresh oxygen from lake. With great like art view of a mountain and blue green lake. Compare to commercial air-con, sound or fancy art, food, light of a posh hotel.

To be in a simple quite place adventure before our Volcano tour and Sailing session. People in the province were different compare to Manila where I stayed for more than 9 years. Karaoke were popular and farming release my tension from urban busy lifestyle. They say that don't be a tourist in your own county. So far a lot of good things you may find on the web about Philippines. 

But if I won the 1st place in Wego Philippines /Cebu Pacific Air blog contest. I would book its lowest piso or promo fares and the goal is 10 islands in 10 weeks. You may see the movie around the world in 80 days. So lets do this for 10 weekends coz I don't wanna be absent from work ok? Here the 10 destinations Boracay, Davao, Cebu, Bacolod, Palawan, Bohol, Naga, Batanes, GenSan and Tawi Tawi. 

Its good to ride various bangka or boat when you travel small island to island. various jeepneys, tricycle, motorcycle even hitch a sugarcane truck. Which is totally different to Manila transport lifestyle. Taxi are not much visible so you need to walk or even ride a pedicab, rent and bike or motorcycle like what they do in Dumaguete.

So ill go lots of adventure sports like diving, sailing, para-sailing, racing, golf, trekking, bungee jumping, rappelling. But will do try or watch also Pinoy  local sports or leisure games such Sipa Takraw, Arnis, Sungka etc.  Also to eat at least 10 local foods on each locations. 

Visit at least 10 historic place place in the area. Like the various churches like the Cathedral, ancestors house, military base, monuments and lot more historical places. Talk to at least ten people to share culture, lifestyle and traditions per travel. Eat local delicacies like tahong, takway, suman, gata, sondol, bibingka, ube, pandan, hito, piyaya and many of those native exotic delicious Filipino foodd. 


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