Friday, December 6, 2013

Travel and Movie Reenactment

#tbt I die another day after prisoner exchange xtreme torture in Korea with Madonna then escape the British Warship prison facility in Hong Kong, M & Q dont worry im fine. "My usual suite please? then Open presidential suite, the lobster is good, bollinger n vodka martini. Alwayz shaken not stir, but also dont forget my Mojito for Halle before the moon after Zal salon. 

But wait I need to find some delectados in Havana. Then go fierce fencing and dead speed air, ice, land in Iceland with Mr Conflict Diamonds Graves. Plane, Hovercraft, Vanquish, Ice Vehicle bare with me. To save the World, So I live many times Commander Bond! Not only live twice, but many times 007! Here comes the non stop action.

When I was in Dubai it felt like im with great action movie Tom Cruise Mission Impossible setting. While watching f1 live I feel the Tony Stark's on Formula 1 Abu Dhabi - Iron Man very very robotic noisy fast car encounter with the Super Villain Danny Trejo. So lets enjoy the travel life and captured great those Hollywood blockbuster memory for real. Not as watcher of movie or to cool browser on the internet, but feeling it for real.

So Guess what! what's my next Travel and Movie Reenactment? A travel in Pentagon with The Rock Movie, Fifa World Cup in S Africa, Sumo in Japan, Tennis in Wimbledon, From Russia with Love, Aussie kangaroo, Lovers in Paris, Cambodia's Tomb Raider, Euro Trail, Aladdin's magic carpet, Monaco GP or Rocky 5 Las Vegas live main event Boxing. What you think? Cross my finger!! What a beautiful movie and life of travelling.

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