Friday, December 6, 2013

Mega with Allison Harvard & Trip to Paris

Travel Food Movie blog goes fashion as we saw the America's Next Top Model and Internet Meme Allison Harvard.  This 5 foot 10 big blue attractive captured in the eyes from New Orleans - Louisiana, USA rocks SM MOA. So, Am I suppose to leave you now? When you're looking like that! With that great lovely looks and Amiable toy-dog or Barbie Charisma. As part of Mega fashion campaign. You may get a chance to win a trip to Paris watch out Loreal posters. 

I never but like to attend or decline fashion events invite. But if this Beautiful Blonde or Brunette puppy gorgeous lady would surprise me like Allison,  Gal Gadot or Miranda Kerr's lets say Movie Launch or Victoria Secret fashion show with Maroon 5 sangs while on Ramp Stage. I would definitely go too haha. They criticized the makeover of some models being presented.  Then Allison pick the lady all in white afterwards as the winner.

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