Saturday, December 14, 2013

Travelling with Contest Fanatics, Garnier Brightest Stories

Garnier Philippines Brightest Stories. As you see contest are everywhere in any form. And I bet for those companies who has contest campaign is much more ahead to consumers heart than those who don't. But anyway's lets take a look at why I enjoy contest a bunch with same like friends. As a blogger I covered event but if you became the event highlight. That was pretty much exciting and different kind of story. Because you won the contest. Sometimes you float like a butterfly even the price is not that much big. 

That's kinda different story and feeling you can treasure for the rest of my life. I was an accidental blogger after I shared the experience of Racing goes to Europe last 2007. It was a cool event of a lifetime prior to my great F1 tour in Middle East and Ferrari World. But its not that all bed of Roses sometimes when you hang out with those those contest buddies. Having an access to hang out with world champions is a privilege  Some became a victim of dummy accounts for likes category as contest fanatics collaborate couple of years ago.

Then face the consequences of after travel. When you return back to your office and business partners. Last year when I organize a summit event for outsourcing or call centers took almost a year of preparation not to foresee that it would conflict to Asian Palm Challenge Face Off in SG. Between career, business and profession I followed my hobby and heart. But I took the risk for country's and my heart contest pride. Sometimes money doesn't have i value, we just do it for the sake of contest. Like the artist paint its art. The most joy is for people to appreciate as contest is to win. 

But no matter what happen after we win or lose. Making the nth attempt or entries. Making prize redemption excitement delays after delay, try and try after got denied, disappointment on entry again and again after lost. Then feel the sweetness  After I enjoy my travel trice in Disneyland with my brother and friends. For it was earned not given. Here I go again making an entry for great Diving experience. Garnier Philippines Brightest Stories Anilao Diving Trip in Batangas. Remembering my sea Adventure inside Taal Crater after Hobbie Sailing, Manila Bay Dock of PlanetSolar Boat World Tour and Subic Car/Yacht total fitness adventures couple of years ago. So, See you again Contest Fanatics! #LightCompletePH 

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