Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hardys: It Gets Better with Time

It was 2010 when i got car accident at Taguig City last rainy days. When i bumped a car, I thought that was one of the hard darkest days of my life. Good thing I'm still alive and not injured during that time. But during those days-weeks-months you may experience trauma but as days goes by. I can't concentrate on work, i feel depressed. As I talked to peers, friends, family shared my loneliness and they told me its normal. 

Like Flood or any disaster, our Filipino spirit is waterproof. And if nobody is perfect, then i just got feeling better and better time after time. They shared the same bad difficult, different experiences too. So we toast drink beer or wine for fine men who face, conquer and endure problems. A toast of wine can be powerful to turn those bitterness into sweetness of significant human experience.

160 years ago a Man vision “ To create wines that would be prized in all markets of the world” and that became into reality with over 3000 awards in the last decade. For pioneers of Blending techniques with 5 generations, with broad range  of sub brands across wide range of consumers. Lets give a cheers and wine toast to the success of Bill Hardy.

Just like Bill, I envisioned to be part of the greatest event on earth with world champions couple of years ago like the F1, NBA, Olympics or World Cup. And it became a reality last weekend and couple of months ago. As Hard time gets better with Time, Hardys remind me for a toast for us to celebrate the bitterness and sweetness of you success and experience. So lets dream and fulfill that dream into reality. 
 Toast for Hardys
Very very Noisy, F1 Greatest World Event
NBA Superstar Fever Chicago Bulls
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