Saturday, November 16, 2013

Euro Trip of a Lifetime

It is really far indeed to good to be true to see your self experiencing the 10 days tour and taste of Europe. The for almost 2 decades of watching Bond films even when I was in teenage. I could see the beauty of Europe, see my picture above almost represents EU great brands. Apart from movie historical contributions.

While holding Alonso Helmet after meeting with Team Ferrari Chief Engineer, Hanging our with former Football Superstar Maradona and Massa. Last week when I visited UAE, Ferrari World and watched very very noisy exciting Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi. While Mr. Baywatch and Mr. Pagani is Cheering on the other Teams. That gladness really fascinate me even when I was travelling with friends in Arab, Chinese, Asian even in Buddhist countries. 

We were wondering how Switzerland made finest watch. Italy contribute to the magnificent super-cars which im really excites of. Makes my head turn 220 degrees, heart palpitate when seeing, feeling that great robotic sound. Even most of the Kings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi drives super-cars like McLaren. Spain's amazing tummy delicious delicacies even London bridges falling down. Childhood lullaby we can jolly sing again while on the actual soil. 

How to Fell in love in Roma and Paris. Or how historical Turkey nor teach your tongue how to twerk with ice cream from Belgium. I love to experience and share this ’iDream iTravel‘ as a global throttle wannabee. Europe, It may sound and too cool to be in the internet explorer but I want to experience it even better. Coz im not a Maybe. So please and grant my soul this Xmas.

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