Saturday, November 9, 2013

Papa John's Pizza Eating Contest Monster Match

Before Halloween Papa Johns of on the world's best Pizza Food Chain hold its eating contest at Greenbelt, Makati City. This is kinda different type of contest because its not individual, Its a team competition. And size doesn't matter, i saw a lot of thin players winning various eating contest.

Like food marathon, you need to finish all the Pizza in many rounds. Tasting various pizza boxes  and beating other teams - so long after couple of hours challenge Team 21 wins. I've seen and join some eating contest like 7 eleven, Yoshinoya and burger ave. Which is usually single but team competition is really exciting.

At the busiest activity center of Greenbelt 3, Papa John's perform free concert, magic and Halloween performance. The Michael Jackson Thriller and Magical performance were world class. In terms of show you'll pay per views, but during that weekends it was spectacular.

Although Papa Johns Pizza gains its worldwide best reputation in the restaurant industry. I can say this restaurant deserves a two thumbs up for family and the whole barkada to hang out with. Its interiors were creative according to theme year-round.

Visiting the place twice at 3rd floor of Greenbelt 3 Mall, excites me of good ambiance as well as design. That you may think you are out of the country. Enjoying your pizza, fries, pasta or chicken party. All paid off by the backyard dream and hardwork of the late Papa John.

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