Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Destination List

Don't say that I like travelling, instead I love too. As much as I wanted to circle the globe. Although in other country with friends in Cambodia couple of months ago, even if still in foreign land. The travel junkie group still thinking and planning about next country to travel. 

Tourist spot to be included in the itinerary.  How I wish i could always go, but my pocket said no. While reading great stories from other bloggers and travel journalists. So here's my Top 5 Via AirAsia Zest or AirAsia in Manila central starting point

I find Cebu really interesting not to mention its the Queen City of the South. A lot of interesting business ventures like the BPO industry plus the Sto NiƱo historical soul impact.

Boracay why? Im I sports and beach bum. So Im always hungry for adventure in white sand who gained world reputation for the world most wonderful beach to stay with. 

Travel in Asia ith AirAsia starts with Incheon, South Korea because im a Gangnam super fan and not only that im a former Taekwondo varsity. So I like to visit its origin and find out great things about its Korean Tigers as well as Military silent drill. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia its near the Sepang Race Track for Im a super race fan. I like f1, cars and Moto racing. Also to travel anywhere in Malaysia then cross border to Singapore.

Lastly Shanghai, China well its not Beijing Olympics or Great Wall but its just one country. But im sure i can roam around and find great sports and business artifacts. On how Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin and SM is made off by its origins. 

So See the promos of Air Asia Zest. And find out deals how Every Juan Dela Cruz or Maria, can fly easily in foreign and domestic destinations in large Travel in the Philippines, Travel in Asia with AirAsia network around the globe. So follow @AirAsia or see #AirAsiainManila tweets or like them on facebook.

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