Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rush F1 Movie 2013

Being an F1 fan makes me watch this exciting movie.  Creation of the True Story of 1970's world F1 champions James Hunt and Niki Lauda.  Hunt Portrayed by Thor ( Chris Hemsworth) and Lauda by Daniel Bruhl. 

Both were Champions as of different opposite characters. What excites me about the F1 movie and in real life is its world tour. From Monaco, Korean, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Melbourne down Abu Dhabi and more GP's. 

Unlike other races like Moto, Nascar even Drift that its only in one country but F1 caters worldwide attention. And great sponsors like McLaren, Lotus, Ferrari and Redbull. 

Anyways going back to movie, Hunt and Lauda fights for their lives on deadliest racing even rain or shine.  Adding more points to its wins yearlong to be declared as world champion. But i like the helicopter and plane victory party ride afterwards even yacht like they do in Marina or Monaco Glitz Flashbacks. 

Although F1 portrays a very strict circuit rules, politics, accidents, press and sponsors. Including its relationship and marriage love life's gone separate or happy ending ways. That's makes the whole more juicy to watch as its pump your adrenaline nerves. 

I've watch world champ Senna and meet Mika so I can see how they visioned winning races. As exciting as Danza Kuduro's Fast n Furious 1 to 7.  

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