Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nasi Lemak Restaurant - Hainanese Chicken Rice

"Hainanese Chicken Rice" This was the 1 of the specialty of Nasi Lemak Restaurant - Located at Level 2, Nest to Krispy Kreme Robinsons Galleria Mall. This Singaporean Restaurant was so fine and particular about the proper way to eat and taste this "Hainanese Chicken Rice". Well, last week i have a great talk and Dining with HK Tan the Executive Chef/Owner of Nasi Lemak Restaurant and Spanky "Manila Boy of

 HK Tan artistically and passionately teach me and spanky on how to eat this Hainanese Chicken Rice. The Singaporean way of food art and taste.
Follow steps carefully to experience the art of Unique Singaporean Fine Taste! According to the expert HK Tan for almost 2 decades of food expertise. And success in Singapore food industry and Various Executive jobs all over the world.
(Like this way)
1. Mix Premium soy Sauce with Rice (Singaporean Ingredients)
2. To each pcs. of sliced chicken, garnish with Chile sauce(not spicy) and ginger sauce.
3. Eat the chicken Sauce.
(wow the finest taste, as taste it, the food taste so good and its explode on my mouth)
According to HK eating this kind of Food is an Art and you must follow the way of doing it correctly. Most of the the ingredients are imported from Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The chef executive work so hard to carefully trained the Filipino chefs on how to serve this kind of food to all of Nasi Lemak Restaurant customers.
After 3 hours of great talk, food history, dining and (schooling, i think its culinary) HK signed me and Spanky this Certificate. HK wants to promote this finest food to us, so come and visit the Restaurant and dining place. He restaurant is full of great pictures and articles about this kind of Singaporean food.
Also he have an on going promotion to win a trip to Singapore visit the facebook! Hello Merlion Tiger, i've bee into this great country twice.!

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