Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fish and Co "Grilled Lamb Chop, Meat and Fish"

"There's No Meat in Our Name" Fish and Co Official Tag line or Slogan as i ask and interview Donna the Marketing in Charge of Fish and Co. 

In 5 branches all over the metropolitan area. She replied "Fresh from Pond" Like the concept of Catching the Fish and Serve it like Pick the veges from the garden then cook for you. Wow OMG!!! so exciting process, i like fish ponds, farming for fresh animals and fresh gardens!!! Meaning that the concept difference is Fresh Quality Meat, Fish, Ingredients from local and foreign supplier. Serve directly to your meal table after i eat 2 dishes "All i can say is Wow" It taste really good and i can say its "healthy-licious"  from my own dictionary called healthy and delicious.
The theme of Restaurant is fish but i didn't eat fish actually. I eat this delicious Grilled Lamb Chop with ripe Orange Mango and lots of veges toppings. It was a big plate serving actually like the American/Western serving style. It taste really good and the lamb was cooked well that was 2 day ago that make me crave again today.
 "mmmmm Yummy chew from biblical world of lamb"
Because of its yummy unforgettable unique mouth watering taste ssssssssssssppp so feel it with vinegar in your lips? Many saliva right sssppps? Then i want you to swallow it all and visit this 5 branches mall based restaurant in Greenbelt 3, SM Moa, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center and Edsa Shangrila Mall.
So don't see this stuff OK? Feel it with your lips, touch it with your hands and make your stomach whole body healthy happy.
Friends/Barkadas/Family will surely Enjoy this good food with creative arts and crafts inside. 
Also Fast/Snappy Service, Excellent Customer Service and Friendly Staff!

For more info about the Restaurant please visit:
 Shrimp and Chicken Breast al Presto
Boneless Chicken and fresh veges imagined freshly pick from the farm
 Pasta me savor with nice olive from my favorite movie Bangkok Dangerous
Eaten by my fave actor Nicholas Cage
 They have variety of finest wine and liquour as well
Also Ice Cream and Desert for your finest taste
Lets go boating and fishing on the wall?
See the cool sea creatures antiques and crafts
I actually won this free food for Facebook contest so stay update and like them for you to taste this free food

This site was maintain and develop by my IT New Media Icon Mentor Carlo Ople
So it feels so good to won, taste good and feel full healthy, ohhh what a beautiful life!!! 

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They do also Large Catering and Delivery within Metropolitan Area. Host Weddings food and large conventions and seminars catering.

Special thanks to Team Donna and Kim!
Thank You Enjoy dining with Fish and Co! 

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