Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greed Is Good, Greed Is Bad "Wall Street"

I've watched this classic film of Michael Douglas "Wall Street: 3 years ago. And i was lucky i found this classic film that was very rare to find. This film won him best actor award in 80's which i think also capture the heart of Catherine Zeta Jones my favorite actress. Who knows? "Greed is Good" Chanting loud and make this film popular all over the world.

Well i have 2 own definitions of greed the bad and good type.

Greed is Good ( Use as Phrase...)
- Greed for work productivity will save dying corporations...
- For faith will seek truth
- For career and passion will bring up best result
- Greed for education will save people from poverty
- For work will revolutionize the entire industry...
- Greed for love will save marriage and everlasting relationship...
- Greed for goodness will make nation more efficient, effective and a better place to live in...

Greed is Bad ( Use as Phrase...)
-When you tolerate people to do bad things
-When you use people for your advantage with out giving them credit
-When you abuse your authority and powers  .
-Greed is Bad when you take undue advantage and violate the right of others..

I like this movies because it teach salesman to be greedy and learn lesson the good way of greediness. In the concrete jungle of finance named NYC wall street is so popular in the sales and call center industry. In this way i can make my people and colleges to boost its maximum sales potential without violating the right of others which is the customer. Both parties is in win-win situation and boost its maximum resources and productivity.

(Gordon Gecko) I like Douglas is because he's a good closer, humor and very professional charismatic actor .

Are you excited to this new film? And learn some lessons of greediness?

Hey i'm talking to you! yes you!!
Why don't you start calling me GORDON Jayson???

Please See this Video Trailer:

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Hope we all know and learn our lesson to greediness!!! Thank You Enjoy the Show!!!

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