Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Josiah's Catering Taste X Corporate Night Out Year 7

Last week I was at SMX convention for Josiah's Catering Taste X Corporate Night Out Year 7. A foodie event where I tasted various Catering and restaurants food creation. A celebration, in which they value its clients in the corporate world. They have great entertainment, raffles and exciting games along the way.  

I've heared a lot of wedding songs and lots of "hugot" lines gimmick games. Creative enough to make you laugh and remember how you make or break your heart. Or just simply fall in love or silly thoughts of being practical that you need to move on after heartbreak. So lets have a booze cocktail cheers for that. So we can always remember the sweetness and the bitterness of our imperfect love-life.
See my plate above, Is filled with desserts and burgers. Plus a cocktail from Rue Bourbon. While I listened to the unique comedy millennial style of jokes entertainers above. What I like most is the 3 way call or dub as one person impersonates the speech of the other person. I give clap and 2 thumbs to the performers impromptu creativity with live audience interaction. 

Lots of games in booth where they give cookies and on stage as well. There's bring me contest then guest that love songs being played. The event were quite ideal if your looking for food, wedding and event suppliers. Because all of the exhibitors aside from food play a major key in making wonderful events. Like the photo booth and other party needs. 
They perfected these party ingredients ideal for meetings, event summit, conferences and corporate team building activities. As Josiah's Catering understands the growing demands of corporate clients. I tasted various donuts, cakes, desserts, pastas, candies, tea, juices, coffee, booze, beer, shots, meats and ice cream creations.

Congratulations Josiah's Catering Taste X on your 7th year Corporate Night Out anniversary. It was a great food and entertainment night life celebration to remember. As you served then gather altogether your (caterers, event needs suppliers and restaurants) to provide best food and entertainment service to us and the rest of the guess. 

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