Wednesday, August 2, 2017

CommunEATy Quezon City International Cuisines Food Tour

All way from Mandaluyong City, I traveled to 120 Don A. Chino Roces Ave., Quezon City. Just nearby the QC entertainment and gimmick hub called Tomas Morato. To see and have a taste of the World called CommunEATy Roces Food Hub. Gia told us about 13 food stalls, 1 juice bar and open common sitting, indoor lounge and drinking area in the 2nd floor.

As we discover the wide selection of food choices and cozy ambiance to enjoy. From American Burger and Fries, Exotic Pinoy type variety of Ihaw-Ihaw, Japanese Tokyo Tempura & Maki, Mexican Hot n Spicy Nachos-Burrito-Tacos, Persian Kebabs, Keema and Sirloin Shawarma. Pinoy Fav Lechon and Korean meals such as beef/chicken Bulgogi! So does that mean I just travel the food world in just 1 night?

Desserts such as Strawberry and Chocolate Milkshake in mason jars sweet creative designs mallows were so attractive. Not only a good place to Eat, But also ideal place for meeting and drinking session. Rhums, cocktails, whisky variety of local and foreign beers. Some of the local celebrity are called "suki" of the said food stall. 

Bloggers were talking about food different stuff history. So Asked hem why did you didn't invite Chef Bourdain, Ramsay or Mr Migrationology? They just laugh and eat lots of food and burgers variety on table. Aside from giving this food stall a thumbs up. Ialso saw some feedback from its customers. Like Nonna Batin Unite and Jon Abrera
Nonna said - "CommunEaty is spacious I like the ambiance too. We ordered at kris burger(not sure of the exact name) the one which serves Angus beef and I say, the food is perfect its just that twas served a little late. We need to follow up. 

We also ordered at the chicken store beside and service was faster there. So far prices are okay except for the 50 peso drink where there are only 2 variants to choose from. We also ordered Nachos and okay lang. In the average, Parking boys were alert and attentive thanks. Therefor I give it 4 stars, 5 as the perfect-score. Highly recommended place to jam."

While Jon said "We got food from the following stores: Boink: The lechon belly was good and the spicy vinegar sauce went well with it. They can probably make the skin more crispy though. Price was reasonable at Php200 for 1/4K. It went well with rice. 

Good Fryday: The owner was very friendly. He even went to our table to ask for feedback about their food. We got the steak and it was reasonably priced (Php180) as it came with rice. Serving portion was okay too and it can even be shared. We will probably try their chicken wings the next time around. 

We also got nachos and tempura from 2 other restau's whose name I forgot..I didn't like the nachos that much and I felt it wasn't worth its Php195 price. Meanwhile, the tempura (12 pcs for Php135) was okay. They also have an unli tempura offering for Php199. Overall experience was good. 

And while the range of prices were less expensive than other similar places, they can probably sell cheaper drinks (Juices: Iced Tea, Lychee and Cucumber Lemonade were pegged at Php50@) or perhaps offer an unli version."

At the second floor, you may feel that it is a fine dining restaurant. Because of the cool interior design, well ventilated fresh ambiance with high ceiling. The menu price were affordable and they provide good customer service. So many food, so little time. 

The views outside and downstairs looks good. So, I'm super busog after the said QC food adventures. You may try to do travel food tour and visit the famous CommunEaty Roces Food Hub. When you travel, drop or pass by Quezon City.

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