Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dental Tourism Philippines - Asian Sun

Thailand is known affordable for medical and surgical tourism. I thought travel were just made for leisure. But in Philippines case, I found something new last week in Quezon City. Its called dental tourism, I was talking to the leading dental expert Dr Frederick Garcia

I asked him, What separates your team from any other dentist? He told me they were honest and they have clients from around the world who patronize his dental service. See his team works and video here.
They even give the free airport transfer and hotel accommodation as part of dental tour. I saw a lot of testimonials from various dental tourism clients. even the Dr itself is hands on setting appointment and email reply. So I feel im not talking to a dental assistant or staff. 

I'm talking to a professional that have 20 years of experience so I got response right away. He even have voip phones to entertain 24/7 clients from around the world. Where customer is always the king. So it can attract patients confidence, attention then loyalty.

Word of mouth referral is very powerful. That's why he got repeat patients and referrals mostly from foreign travelers. See its dental tourism patients testimonials from around the globe:
"The dental practice made me feel comfortable, coming from the USA where I feel nervous every-time I see the dentist. I would recommend this dental establishment to anyone I know or to anyone who is looking for work to be done. I can't thank the staff enough. Highly recommended and I will return to have move more work done by this Dental Clinic only."

Andrew Stahl
December 2015

"Thank you so much to the staff of Asian Sun dental clinic. You have made our stay very helpful and safe. The service was excellent with friendly and experienced staff. We would recommend you all to our friends for the services you provide. We smile a lot more now, all thanks to Asian Sun dental clinic."

Andrew and Liza McGuigan
London, UK
June 2016

"Customer service is excellent. The treatment is affordable. Dr. Garcia is accommodating, the facilities are very good and clean and all staff are very gentle and caring. I highly recommend Asian Sun Dental Clinic to everyone. Excellent team work and highly organized. 

Well done & God bless. Dr. Garcia focus more on the person receiving the treatment than the amount of money he is getting. First time I talk to Dr. Garcia I felt like I've known him for so long very accommodating and explain everything that I need to know. I highly recommend Dr. Garcia to everyone."

Maria Dunell
QLD, Australia
June 2015

“I broke my three front teeth a year ago because of a biking accident and I got frustrated because I can’t face people or even smile. I was introduced to Dr. Frederick and he gave me an immediate solution to my problem and he called it direct composite bonding. 

I was amazed! it looks natural and you can never find any trace or marks as if nothing happened. I’m happy now and confident to face people again and the solution Dr. Garcia gave me was practical, immediate and affordable!”

George Santos
Head Waiter

If your planning to go to Asia make sure to include Philippines on your itinerary. Explore great beaches, events, culture, festivals and historical tourist spot. Dr Maria Regala did the initial set up of my dentures and dental check up I'll post more blog later. Visit the site for more dental scientific technical info

139 B Congressional Avenue,
Barangay Bahay Toro
Quezon City, Philippines 1106
+63 (2) 455-0178
+63 (917) 843-6485
+63 (2) 925-6123

Virtual USA Number:
+1 (631) 402-1363

Virtual Australia Number:
+61 (26) 145-2081

Virtual New Zealand Number:
+64 (9) 984-9478

If you are looking for the best dental services in Metro-Manila, Philippines, you may get in touch with Asian Sun. They have the best and caring dentists in Metro-Manila, Philippines.

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